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All of our bedding - our sheets, comforters and duvet covers - are made of 100% long-staple cotton.

In fact, we've developed our own one-of-a-kind matte sateen fabric to ensure a great night sleep. Our cotton is soft and cool, but unlike other bedding with lower quality cotton, it doesn't shine. 

Our factory has been manufacturing bedding for almost 40 years. It’s fully vertically integrated, which means it spins, weaves, dyes, prints, and cuts and sews all of our products in a state of the art facility. 

Before our bedding is shipped to us, we take it through several rounds of quality control to ensure that it arrives to you without defect and of the best quality. All of our 100% cotton sheetsduvet covers and comforters are made with 300 thread-count percale cotton or 300-400 thread count matte sateen cotton. Our linen/cotton blends share a mix of 55% linen and 45% cotton, offering a more textured feel to your bedding.

Yes, there is bedding out there with 1,000 thread counts. But the truth is, the bedding industry has already exposed this as a bunch of marketing nonsense. With quality long-staple cotton like ours, 300-400 thread-count bedding is all you need. Which is why that's all we sell - and it's all you should pay for. The reality is, the more threads you force into a particular weave, the more unnatural and stiff the sheets become.

And it's not just the quality of our bedding that sets us apart.

Unlike most retailers, we design all our own bedding. We find our design inspiration from the world of menswear, where the founders' roots have been in since 2004. We believe that your bedding should look as good as you do.

And we hope you agree.


Thread Experiment is the first ever brand of home bedding dedicated to men. We manufacture our bedding in a fully integrated facility, which means we spin, weave, dye, print, cut and sew all of our products in a state-of-the-art facility. Thread Experiment products go through several rounds of quality control to ensure they arrive to you without defect and of great quality. The designs are inspired by the world of menswear, but we have recently discovered our bedding appeals to women as well.


Question with your order? Our products? 16th century Roman Empire leaders? You name it, we'll (try to) answer it. And answer quickly.

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